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Thursday, January 27, 2005

an update on that Sheriff
You remember the Sheriff whose official website pined for the olden days when Sheriffs didn't have to think uncomfortable thoughts about gay sex. Just as an update, the offensive stuff has now been moved off publicly-supported and official space, onto some personal site. But the unseemly thing is that he's whining about it and pretending that his rights have been violated. As for me, I think back on the good old days, when Sheriffs were tough and didn't whine or pretend that they were victims.

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I yearn for the old days when law enforcement officials didn't whine about frivolous lawsuits, either because the public doesn't sue right wing idiots for being themselves even if rush limbaugh convinced them they were in fact under attack, or because the lawsuits that do occur aren't actually frivolous (misappropriation of public funds??).

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