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Sunday, March 27, 2005

I am old fashioned.

Had an old friend over last night, who started telling me how the wave of the future, and the best thing since sliced bread, was the Rhaspody "huge music collection in the sky" service. For some number of dollars a month you can stream from an enormous record collection, and you never have to buy new cds ever again in your life. I resisted, and he proseltyzed, and I still resisted.

Then he asked if he could rummage through my cds and put on some music. I agreed, and he emerged a while later raving about how it was just like bein in a candy store and there were all these great things to listen to.

My guess is that most of what caught his eye in my record collection was probably stuff that he could have heard on Rhapsody; apparently the collection is huge. But flipping through the cases, even though not as satisfactory as flipping through LPs (among other things, how do people who smoke dope clean their dope anymore, if they can't use double album covers?), is a great pleasure and adventure.

So today, instead of downloading the new Decemberists and Iron & Wine records from iTunes, I went to an actual record store and paid green dollars for them.

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if you were old fashioned, he'd have emerged with 78s instead of CDs

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