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Saturday, February 05, 2005

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I will just add this, about the post immediately below this one, about the Ala. Dem. Party's blog. I have some sympathy for the position that I suppose the blog authors are probably in; they have, I speculate, been given leave to start such a thing, but have not been given leave to say anything on it that has any vigor. If my speculations are true, then this is a bad spot for a blogger to be in -- and it's worse for the Party to have that sort of blog, than no blog at all. I hope that the authors do get the internal go-ahead to let the spirit of blogging move them. The problem lies not in the bloggers but in the Party, if the Party is too afraid to stand up for the difference between Democrats and Republicans even in Alabama. And this, by the way, is one reason I hate the phrase and concept of "yellow-dog Democrats," which the state party embraces. The reason I hate it is that it implies that the reason to vote for Democrats is because they're Democrats and you always vote for Democrats. That's a lousy reason to vote for Democrats. The reason to vote for Democrats is because in the current state of the world the Democratic Party is the party that favors liberty and equality, more so than does the other major party, and favors the little guy over the big guy. And if the Alabama Democratic Party can't see that the issue of gay marriage is one in which they should (as in other issues) favor liberty and equality, then they could at least be more vociferous about the issues on which they are on the side of the angels.

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I posted in the original about this, so felt I should speak up here.

Only one in four states even have a state party blog. As each state adds a blog, I would imagine the state party is going to have some decisions to make.

All blogs are a work in progress, go back and look at the first week or two of posts from Atrios or Kos.

An official state party blog is not going to come out of the gate swinging and throwing red-meat to the base. Actually, in my opinion, that would be reckless.

As several other posters said, give them a chance, and wait at least a few weeks.

I'm tickled to death that they have a blog and have been proding them for years to get more active on the net.

Heck, a lot of posts from national bloggers keep saying how 'Alabama' is leading the way, like that's some kind of surprise (or dis).

Never mind the prevailing Rodney Dangerfield syndrome for our state.

If you live here, be glad that Bama is taking the lead on the net!

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