(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Ah, Spring -- when thoughts turn to things other than blogging. I had planned to work up some thoughts in response to Fritz Schranck's post on the legal/practical issues involved in the siting of the Augusta golf club protests, in light of my experience in labor picketing cases. But instead it was a lovely weekend, not focused on the computer. We had a good friend in town, spent some time at the National Zoo (which, like other parts of the Smithsonian conglomerate, needs better direction but is still a treasure anyway); the time indoors was eating, sleeping, and watching George and Martha (the latest sign that the right-wingers have lost the culture wars and are merely making a great deal of noise in defeat: George and Martha are two hippos, with George's voice done by Nathan Lane, and their best friends are two cohabitating male alligators (crocodiles?) named Oscar and Wilde). So, no post about picketing country clubs here. In fact, it may be time to shut down this silly blog altogether as the weather gets nice; after all, the fad is finished, now that Barbie and her friends have blogs. I suppose I have to keep going, in order to maintain self-respect, long enough to finish the Supreme Court prediction thingy, and then might as well pontificate through Supreme Court vacancy(ies) this summer. Oh, the burdens of public life.

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