(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

The first post of the year

Why will President Bush not be re-elected in 2004? The environment. Another thing I re-learned from my trip through the South is that a great number of people in the Republican-leaning states consider themselves to be at least moderate environmentalists. In Alabama, there is a staple joke about the local culture that you see so many SUVs with state-sponsored "Save the Environment" license plates; it is, apparently, the demographic known as soccer moms, and also the demographic known as hunters. You peel off enough of those folks from the Republicans, based on environmental concerns, and Pres. Bush won't have a chance. Don't tell him, though, so he'll keep on having his administration do things like this: the issuance of very legally-shaky and very anti-environment rules to weaken enforcement of the Clean Air Act. (And, in a somewhat different though related vein, this (explained by Dwight Meredith) regarding a White House decision not to warn people of certain dangers from asbestos in their homes, even after the EPA had decided that such warnings were warranted.).

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