(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Sunday, October 27, 2002

Short notes:

Article in the Birmingham paper today about the continued racial segregation of many schools in rural Alabama; things are improving somewhat in that regard (almost 50 years post-Brown), but not quickly, and the impact on all kids' education is disastrous as recounted in this article.

Had a great trip this weekend to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, near DC, which takes in (among others) mistreated animals from factory farms, etc. (Don't infer from this phrasing that some animals are generally treated well at factory farms and that "mistreatment" is aberrational; mistreatment of animals is business as usual). If you think it's cool to oppose PETA and/or make fun of vegetarians, you would learn something by going to talk to the folks at Poplar Spring about the life stories of the animals there.

Thanks to Fritz Schranck for reading and writing about my labor law post below. He also mentions some criminal activity by a union official. I used to be defensive about the existence of wrongdoing within unions; now, being old and wise, I do recognize that any human institution has humans in it, and none are perfect.

Thanks to Ed Still for bringing to my attention this article (link will probably expire soon) by an Alabama Baptist pastor who opposes the courthouse display of the Ten Commandments.

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