(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Monday, September 02, 2002

The NEA and Sept. 11 About every fifth day, like wiggling a sore tooth just to make it hurt, I go to Instapundit just to make myself mad. Today it was easy, with his post that tries to continue to fan the flames of the NEA's supposed anti-Americanism regarding lesson plans for Sept. 11-related issues. The creative use of partial-quoting and deceptive attribution is astounding. The guy to whom Prof. Insta links had at least the partial integrity to quote what people had actually said, before then proceeding to mischaracterize their words and to slam them with hyperbole, and had at least the integrity to point out which ones were NEA folks and which ones were with other organizations. But Prof. Insta can't be bothered with anything like that -- in fact, he carefully starts his quote after the actual quote from one of the liberal attackees, and begins only with the misleading paraphrase and response -- and Prof. Insta tells us that this was an NEA statement, when in fact it just wasn't. Instead of spending so much time fact-checking some dude who wrote a book about guns, maybe Prof. Insta should spend some time fact-checking himself.

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