(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Saturday, September 07, 2002

more from the "broad brush strokes" department Via Two Tears in a Bucket, this story in which the Southern Baptists say that the Catholics are anti-semites because the Catholics have decided not to try to make the Jews into Christians. As Ann at Two Tears says, "sigh."

What particularly caught my eye was this quote from the Southern Baptist spokesperson: "Asking Christians to abandon evangelism, even for a single ethnic group, is akin to asking Jews to eat ham and cheese sandwiches." Has everybody in the world lost the art of using the word "some" -- as in "some Christians believe that it's important to convert others," and "some Jews keep Kosher, while some think ham and cheese sandwiches are best with hot mustard"? I know our President has forgotten the word -- as when he said the other day that the American people are mad about the rejection of Justice Owen. (Not me! Not me!) So here's my substantive post for today: THE WORD "SOME" IS QUITE A USEFUL ONE. TRY TO USE IT IN A SENTENCE. Here's an example, which is true: "Some Jewish vegetarians are good at baking hams, such as my Great Aunt Henrietta, who was also able to bowl a 300 game although legally blind."

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