(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

The flap in Alabama about Charlton Heston's endorsement of the Democratic Governor is getting funnier, until it stops being funny and becomes infuriating. Here's what I mean. I noted a couple of days ago that this endorsement had been made, and that the Republican challenger's spokesperson implied that it was just the Alzheimer's disease talking. Since then, this has been the repeated assertion of various Republican spokespeople: that Heston was "manipulated", "coerced", and "taken advantage of" by the Democrats. What was Heston doing in Alabama, subjecting his poor pitiful self (to hear the Republicans say it) to such devilish treatment? Why, he was on a tour promoting Republican candidates!

Funny -- that when he was endorsing Republicans he was clear-eyed, sharp-witted, and deserving of your deference when you decide how to cast your vote, but when he endorsed a Democrat he was not capable of thought due to his Alzheimer's disease.

But, not funny and in fact infuriating -- that the Republican spokespeople would so readily dishonor a man that they pretend to idolize, and that they would reflexively demonize Democrats with completely groundless accusations.

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