(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Friday, September 20, 2002

Every time I think that I'm not being sufficiently "left" on this blog -- coming off as too complacent or mealy-mouthed or professionally-careful, compared to some of the hotter voices whom I love over in my "links" list at left -- some anonymous person always comes through with a helpful pat on the back, reminding me that I really am a good leftist. Such as this morning's helpful mail from an anonymous friend at AOL (why are they all from AOL?):
Regarding your bits on judicial nominees:  man, are you ever full of sh-t.  You really, really are not worth the time spent doing the reading.  Here's why (besides the fact you are so consistently wrong):  it is already obvious what your position will be on everything; so, no need to check in and check out the 'thought' process.  By the way, I understand that your law firm, the 'people's defender,' has some pretty swanky saunas and such.  I guess there's no need to suffer while being saints, eh?

How very nice -- I hadn't even realized that I was a saint! Thanks for the hagiography, friend.

But I suppose he's right, that anybody who tries to do some good professionally must do so under a vow of poverty -- and so, not being one for vows of poverty, and having a 2.5 yr old to provide for, as well as a yearning for new CDs and good Thai food, I suppose I'll have to start representing companies. Darn. I knew this life was too good to be true.

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