(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

couldn't be sillier if he tried I think that I just read the silliest thing that I've ever read on a blog. Not the most evil, just the silliest. And of course it comes from Andrew Sullivan, who is (scroll down to the lowest entry of the day) saying (in paraphrase) that Southern liberals aren't really liberals because they've thought things through or because they have opinions, but because they're expiating some guilt for being born Southern or are trying to win approval from non-Southerners. (Sullivan postulates that it's important to differentiate those Southern-psychiatric-liberals from some (his word) "genuine" Southern liberals, but gives no clue as to how he proposes to do the differentiating or which of us will get his stamp of approval as "genuine"). Any evidence for this supercilious junior-psychologist "Southerners don't really think as deeply as I do, they just act according to their hidden subconscious imperatives or social climbing" nonsense? Of course not. Is it barely conceivable that this is another one of those often-remarked instances where Sullivan is attributing to others the faults that he finds in himself -- i.e., that he takes the stances that he takes, not because he believes them but in order to curry favor?

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