(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Labor The NLRB has announced a more than $6.4 million dollar settlement with Alwin Mfg., relating to a series of massive unfair labor practices against the USWA and its members; according to the NLRB, the company will also be paying back the USWA for its strike and litigation expenses. Now just imagine if the NLRB were adequately funded so that it could enforce the Act with complete resources ... or if unions and employees could bring lawsuits under the NLRA themselves, without relying on the Board to enforce the Act for them ... or if EMPLOYERS WOULD JUST OBEY THE LAW, MAYBE? (That was the angry leftist speaking, I guess -- but is it really so leftist to wish that EMPLOYERS WOULD JUST OBEY THE LAW, MAYBE?)

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