(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Friday, August 30, 2002

I have returned I didn't even realize that I hadn't been asked the two stupid questions as I checked my luggage today, until -- as part of my re-immersion into the blog world -- Talkleft pointed it out. More importantly, Talkleft is also talking about the proposed Innocence Protection Act, and links to this good op-ed by an Alabama lawyer about the issue. The basic concept is that people shouldn't be in jail for crimes that they demonstrably didn't commit. Pretty good idea, no?

Speaking of people going to jail, Howard Bashman (whose vacation is lasting a day or so longer than mine) points out that former Lousiana Gov. Edwin Edwards' conviction was affirmed. My inside scoop is only this: I spent the night with Gov. Edwards once, when he called a union (USWA, my client at the time) and a company to the Governor's mansion for an all-night bargaining session to resolve a strike. He was warm, and fair, and he got the job done. And, perhaps most importantly for his present situation, he was good to his kitchen and dining room staff, who were serving time in the Louisiana prisons for various serious offenses and were on work detail in the mansion. (Good food -- and I do think that they made better snacks for us union-side negotiators than for the company.) I hope that he in turn is treated well if he actually serves time.

The baseball players got a contract, which is good news for those who care. I don't know what the terms are, because I haven't read the stories. But I am sure that the terms would have been substantially worse for the players if they hadn't made a real and credible strike threat. Proof again that collective action works.

I see that while I was gone I got lots of hits from Who Stole the Tarts, re the Supreme Court contest. Thanks! I will admit that, despite everyone's paeans to that site, I hadn't been reading it because it didn't work in my Omniweb browser. I finally went and looked through it in the monopolistic browser, and it's as good as they say. Also lots of hits from, and thanks to, Kyle Still on the same topic. Unfortunately, this means more blogs to add to my reading list.

Now I have to go read all my non-law-blogs.

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