(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Saturday, July 27, 2002

A note on style I now find myself -- by virtue of actually seeing that a few people are reading, and wondering who else might stumble in -- a little queasy in the effort to balance candor and style, on the one hand, with not-alienating-people on the other. It's related to what I mentioned the other day, in the context of Justice Owen, about the difficulty of getting lawyers to give candid assessments of sitting judges, for fear of alienating them. I see to my amazement that some folks within the U.S. Courts' and Alabama's judicial-and-related-agencies' networks may be occasionally looking in here. I hope that they will find it interesting. And I assure them, and everyone else, that -- just as I know that everyone disagrees with me from time to time, often vigorously, and I don't take offense at that -- even my criticisms are meant with the utmost respect. I'm not just sucking up here, I promise. I mean it. I appreciate your public service, even when I think you're doing something wrong. And if I piss you off, please let me know rather than remain pissed off. Thanks!

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