(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Sunday, April 24, 2005

still not dead
A mystery: why is it that, unlike last year when Manischewitz matzoh-ball soup mix was widely available in a low sodium variety, this year it has been completely unavailable even though I've looked in several grocery stores several times over the last month? I blame Tom DeLay.

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Sam, the Manischewitz website seems to indicate that they've quit making low-sodium products altogether. I had a great deal of trouble finding their kluski noodles earlier this year; I wonder if they are having supply or distribution problems.

By Blogger Carol Logan Newbill, at 2:25 PM  

This is the sort of thing that makes me believe in blogs again. Thanks for the information!

By Blogger sam, at 3:43 PM  

Gut Pasach!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:15 PM  

i think the larger question is this: why are you concerned with finding low sodium matzoh ball soup? stick with the gummie bears sam.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:48 PM  

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