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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Thank you for your expert opinion, Mr. Smith
Here, six months ago, is the Boy Scouts' "National Director of Program" Douglas S. Smith, Jr., writing forcefully in support of the Boy Scouts' belief that exclusion of gay people is fundamentally necessary to that organization's purpose and values. The basis for this exclusion is the Scouts' putative belief that gay sex is immoral.

Here, today, is an article stating that Boy Scouts' former National Director of Program Douglas S. Smith, Jr., has been charged with, and is expected to plead guilty to, receipt and distribution of images of child pornography.

[UPDATE, the following day: The Boy Scouts are too busy with homophobia to understand how things work on the internet -- they thought they could make this go away by taking down the page in the first link above. But here, via Red State Diaries, is the google cache. Wankers.]

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