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Friday, March 18, 2005

the rule of law
Note to House Speaker and to DeLay:

In this country, subpoenas are pieces of paper requiring witnesses to appear for testimony, and sometimes requiring them to bring certain things with them. The word "subpoena" does not mean "a piece of paper created by a few members of one house of the legislature, having the legal effect of requiring people to do or refrain from doing something, for instance a medical procedure." The way that our legislature requires people to do or refrain from doing something is to pass a bill, which (if also passed by the other chamber) can become a law if signed by the President.

UPDATE: Oh, this is even more sick. In the few minutes it took to post this, the linked NYT article was updated to say also that the theory -- at least according to Frist -- is that they are going to ask Terry Schiavo to come to a hearing as a "witness," and that nobody better mess with her ability to come.

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Vile, creepy stuff. If these guys want to do something useful, why don't they launch a federal investigation into the death threats that have been made against the judges in the Schiavo case?

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