(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Gotta blog about something, just so my blogging muscles don't atrophy as a result of the near-total lack of inspiration. So ...

Every decade brings its own example of an old-time banjo-fiddle band with a rock or punk edge. You had Earl Johnson and his various bands in the 30s, the Correctones and Fat Meat Boys in the 70s, the Horse Flies starting in the 80s (and to the present), the Hix in the 90s (and don't say Bad Livers or I will scream -- they were the worst band ever). The 00s have The Old Crow Medicine Show, whom I am going to see tonight at the 930 Club. How do you like that -- an old time band at the 930. There are some downloads on the band's site that you might like.

The other night I saw the premiere of the second installment in the Burn to Shine series of indy-music documentaries. In each installment, you take one city, document a snapshot of a slice of its music scene by having all the bands come to a building on one day and take turns recording live -- then you burn down, or otherwise destroy, the house. Sweet. First was DC, which I mentioned here a few weeks ago. This new one was Chicago, and let me tell you -- you need to see it when it becomes available for purchase, even if only to see Nels Cline's guitar playing on Wilco's performance of Muzzle of Bees. Trust me on this. Also to see a house torn down very loudly by a big backhoe. Cool!

[UPDATE, the following day. Unsurprising fact learned last night: the sound people at the 930 Club don't really know how to mix an old-time band. Could hardly hear the fiddle, or the lower four strings of the banjos. However, the fun made up for the muddiness of the sound.]

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