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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Music 3
Here are a couple of more records that I liked this year. These fall into the category of, "If you don't know of these records already, you are either (a) not in the 'aging fan of alternative rock music' demographic (and so it is somewhat less likely that you will like them), or (b) too busy to read music magazines and websites." So, will be brief.

3. "Funeral," by The Arcade Fire. Good use of non-guitar instruments. Emotionally rich singing and writing. Listen to streaming audio of one good song, through their booking agent's site, here.

4. You know, of course, about Wilco's "A Ghost is Born." I have gone back and forth on this record, but currently love it. For a while, I was down on it, as it started to seem more manufactured than sincere, and I'm a sincerity guy. But -- having seen them live, and then listened over and over again to tapes of shows from this most recent tour -- I changed my mind and loved it again. You can, for now, hear one such show at their site. Just so nobody thinks I'm pulling an Armstrong Williams here, I will disclose that the band gave me a couple of beers after the show, because one of my friends is infinitely hipper than I am.

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Well, I for one think you should give the beers back. Oh, wait, on second thought.........

As to alternative music, I'm a big fan of The Tragically Hip. Their album "Up To Here" still graces my top 10 list.

I hear, though, that their called The Rolling Stones of Canada.

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