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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

media bias alert!
Good thing those guys at The Corner are on the alert -- they've discovered that the purportedly boring and purportedly neutral C-SPAN is actually in the thrall of the homosexual agenda! Look here:
The only guest on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" this morning was Elizabeth Birch, , head of the Human Rights Campaign, the hard gay-left group now pressing all the Democratic candidates to support what proponents call "gay marriage." No debate. First question: "Do you think that President Bush has been detrimental to gays and lesbians?" So much for balance.
[remainder of The Corner item, not having anything to do with C-SPAN, omitted]

Horrifying -- that C-SPAN had Ms. Birch on without a right-winger to debate her!. Bias? No doubt. You can tell, because, it's been a long long time -- 2 days, in fact -- since they had a right-winger on, to push the right-wing "religious" viewpoint on political debates, without anyone to debate her from the left. (Note: and Birch got forty eight minutes, while the right-winger only got forty three).

And how dare the biased C-SPAN journalist ask a question that was based on the possibility that the head of the HRC might believe that the Bush Administration has been detrimental to gays and lesbians?!

Remember: you can't trust anything the New York Times says.

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