(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Questions of the Day
So the big questions of the day are:

(1) Will the Supreme Court celebrate Make Fun of Michael Savage Day by protecting gay sex under the Constitution? Answer: YES. See syllabus here and majority opinion here, both pdf. The Court did overrule Bowers and thereby strike down all remaining anti-sodomy laws, rather than the narrower possibility of just striking down the few that prohibit only same-sex acts. Good news.

(2) Will any of the Justices retire today? Answer: looks like NO. There is, I suppose, the possibility of a press release announcing a retirement this afternoon or tomorrow, but it seems unlikely to me. For that matter, there could be such a press release on any day of the year. But I think it would be bad for the Court as an institution, if one of the Justices announced a retirement at any time this summer after this afternoon; it would look to me, and to many others, as though the timing was somehow planned for some odd selfish or partisan purpose. And so I doubt that any Justice will do such a thing. So I'm going to start relaxing, on this one.

(3) Will the Senate Judiciary Committee's vote on Bill Pryor's nomination be postponed from today? Answer: looks like YES. So we won't have a committee vote until July at the earliest.

Big day. Stay tuned for answers.

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