(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

blogging about blogging
I find that I am not much of a blogger these days. Here's what made me realize this fact, with the most clarity. When I read the article in Slate a couple of days ago, proposing that jurors be fined for reaching the "wrong" verdict and financially rewarded for reaching the "right" verdict, the fullest extent of my thinking about the article was, "that's the stupidest damn thing I've ever read in my life." I was right, of course, and I make no apologies for reaching that conclusion, in my own mind, with so little internal deliberation or fancy exposition. But it doesn't make me much of a blogger, does it? Surely the least I could have done, would be to write a hundred words or so about it. Please accept my apologies for my failure to have done so.

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