(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Friday, April 25, 2003

Atrios has a quote from one of Bill Pryor's briefs, urging that it is rational for a state to decide that orgasms achieved with the help of a device are contrary to the public good. This is, of course, the case involving the Alabama law prohibiting the importation of devices intended for the stimulation of genitals; the law has once again been struck down by the District Court after the Eleventh Circuit decision from which that quote comes, and is presumably up on appeal again. My purpose in writing this was not just to get to write "devices intended for the stimulation of genitals." It was to say that I hope that somebody -- on a Senate staff, or in advocacy groups -- is doing the legwork necessary to catalog the legally and culturally divisive things that Pryor has said in his briefs to the Eleventh Circuit. His briefs to the Supreme Court are largely -- though not entirely -- available online, thus allowing us (for instance) to see (p. 25 of the brief, which is p. 33 of the pdf file) that he out-Santorumed Santorum, and included necrophilia in his list of things that must be constitutionally protected if gay sex is. But there are surely some equally notable things in the Eleventh Circuit briefs, which are available as public records but not in a convenient electronic way. Again, I just hope that somebody is reading them with an eye towards Judiciary Committee hearings.
(By the way, I think that the Liquid List pointed out the necrophilia quote the other day.)

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