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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Alabama A.G. Bill Pryor, nominee to the Eleventh Circuit: links to prior posts
So now the pressure is on, now that Matthew Yglesias has said he expects me to say something about Bill Pryor. With the universal understanding that everything that I've ever said on this blog is attributable only to me and not to any employer or friend -- and that this will continue to be true -- I have just enough time right now to link to what I've said about him and about his potential nomination already. Then I'll try to add to this over the next few days. Here are Ignatz's greatest hits re Alabama AG Bill Pryor, nominated today by President Bush to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit:

February 22, reporting what I said when the Justice Department called

March 14, linking to an op-ed that had discussed Pryor along with nominee Sutton in connection with their advocacy against disability rights

Jan. 6, when his nomination was first floated publicly

Jan 14, linking to an article about him at law.com (and in which I offered a lovely quote about his views on the Senatorial role in judicial confirmations)

Oct. 31 (about his defense of Alabama's law against the importation of vibrators)

Sept. 13 regarding the remarkable collection of links at his official government site

This nomination battle will have everything: sex, religion, race, disability, environmental issues, executions, guns (even John Lott!), tobacco, Bush v. Gore, you name it. As I've said before, he's a bright guy. He was when I knew him, and probably still is, a personally pleasant guy in most situations. But he's way out there.

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