(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

So much good reading from law.com this morning, including:

1) an article that every law student should read, about the benefits of working for a small firm that represents labor unions; and

2) a bunch of articles about federal judicial nominations, including

a) an overview of recent nominations;

b) an article about Ninth Circuit nominations specifically; and

c) an article all about Bill Pryor, previously discussed here as a likely 11th Circuit nominee.

Two questions about the length of poltiical memory arise from this judicial nominations talk: (1) Does Senator Hatch remember that he firmly believes that if the home-state Senators oppose a nomination, then he must oppose it as well? Will he act upon this belief as to California and Michigan nominations that the Senators from those States oppose?; and (2) Does Bill Pryor remember that he has said that the importance of the Senatorial "advice and consent" role in judicial nominations "cannot be overstated", to weed out the nominees with the wrong judicial philosophy? Will Republicans defer to his belief on that point, when Democrats oppose him based on a similar view?

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