(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Thursday, November 14, 2002

You can call it stupidity if you want, but I've been spending some time the last couple of days on right-wing-law-bloggers' sites (Stuart Buck and Discriminations) trying to convince those poor souls that their views are not objectively correct, and that their pejorative adjectives about what we liberal lawyers think ("shrill", "activist," etc.) are no more inherently convincing than our pejorative adjectives about what they think ("shrill", "activist", etc.). Fewer adjectives! More reasoned arguments! And most importantly, admit that your (and my) preferences are preferences, not indisputable truths! That's my motto, when I remember to adhere to it.

UPDATE: Aargh! Here's another guy talking about jurisprudence and nominees, who needs to be reminded: DUDE! Your preferences are preferences, your beliefs are beliefs, and they are NOT truths! You want judicial rulings that favor the interests with which you align yourself. Say it, admit it, be it: you want those things, and you want the confirmation of judges whom you expect to do those things. That is your preference, not an insight into what the law "is" in some objective sense that liberals are too blinded to recognize. And it's not my preference. (link via Howard Bashman).

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