(The Return of) Ignatz, by Sam Heldman

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I have these two things to say today:

1) I hope that if I die (and all signs suggest that I will someday), my friends and colleagues will gather in a big party a few days later to laugh and smile together, and to get each other pumped up to work on the things that were important to me and are important to them. Anybody who thinks such behavior is unseemly will be unwelcome at my party.

2) I am usually quite a snob about old-time (i.e., banjo-fiddle, etc., southern traditional and early-20th-century) music. So, when I saw a picture and a blurb in the New Yorker about a young group who's playing old-time music with a punk vibe, I was dubious. But I went to their web site, and it seems that to their credit they don't think that they invented the concept (I've got friends who were doing it almost thirty years ago, and Earl Johnson was doing it in the 1920's) and that they didn't skip the step of learning how to play their instruments. Check out this band -- the Old Crow Medicine Show -- at their site, and download some pretty great mp3s. (Listen to "Tear it Down" first, I suggest).

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